A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of a drone, discover a heavenly island and take pictures of a mysterious and giant creature.                   


A team of  journalist sends a drone to an archipelago classed as a no-go zone by local authorities. Their mission is to take pictures of the local wildlife and collect proof of a unique biosphere in order to classify the archipelago as world heritage. But they’ll encounter a very surprising and unique creature.

As you visit the island, you will encounter some wildlife in various ecosystems. Using the photo mode of the drone, frame the perfect shot of wildlife or environment before sending it to your online cloud. Then, switch to speed mode and enjoy the feeling of a free flight.



  • Pilot a drone in a full VR game
  • Take pictures of a unique biosphere and an incredible creature


This game is a demo of our student project made between October 2017 and February 2018. It was a 5 months long project create by a team of 12 people on 6 different specialities: producing, game design, programming, sound design, ux/ui design and technical art. We build our game around two pillars : marvel and control.


Raphaël Bailly            - Programming

Alexandre Bobe        - Sound Design

Whitney Burner        - Programming

Charlotte Couder        - Level and Narrative Design

Adrien Fallot            - Programming

Yann Florian            - Game Design

Julie Heugue            - Character Art

Sam Jin            - Technical Art

Armel Perhirin            - Programming

Manon Rilhac            - Environment Art

Hugues Vieu            - Producing

Guillaume Voisinet        - UX Design


KaijuSnap.part01.rar 700 MB
KaijuSnap.part02.rar 172 MB

Install instructions

Download both files, then run the game on your Oculus Rift.


You need a Oculus Rift and a gamepad.


Camera Mode :

Left stick to move the drone     - Right stick to rotate the drone
Left trigger to increase altitude - Right trigger to decrease altitude
Right bumper to take pictures
A button to switch flying modes
B to access the gallery menu
The headset is a free camera

Speed Mode :

Headset used to pilot the drone, tilt your head to turn
Right stick to control the speed
A button to switch flying modes

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